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Rad Chat

The first therapeutic radiographer led oncology podcast. Discussing a wide range of oncology topics along with sharing experiences from patients, students and healthcare professionals within the cancer care and wider healthcare community.

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Rad Chat Podcast is the new cancer specific podcast, designed for cancer patients, healthcare professionals, academics and researchers. Hosted by Jo McNamara a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and Naman Julka-Anderson, an Advanced Practitioner at Imperial NHS Trust in London, both therapeutic radiographers who have unique backgrounds, bringing specialist knowledge and skills to the conversation. They have already had some truly amazing guests including Dr Liz O'Riordan, Steve Bland (from the podcast You, Me and The Big C), Charlotte Beardmore, Rachael Moses and Will Kinnard to name but a few, with more high-profile guests lined up until March next year. Their guests include cancer patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and leaders within healthcare. 

The new podcast is designed to educate and inform healthcare professionals working in oncology with CPD accreditation by the Society College of Radiographers. Alongside every podcast are some reflective questions and links to resources and research. The podcast is an easily accessible platform to promote the profession and share patient stories and experiences.

Rad Chat posts a podcast a week to keep momentum and opens up those difficult conversations around cancer! No cancer topic is off the table!

''We started this podcast to help promote our profession and showcase the balance between the interpersonal skills and technical knowledge we use on a daily basis to treat cancer patients with Radiotherapy. I really believe it can have a huge impact for Radiography as a whole with the diverse range of patients, students and healthcare professionals we have lined up as guests." Naman Julka-Anderson

''Rad Chat is a great way for all healthcare professionals to stay connected with what’s happening in all aspects of oncology. Naman and I have over 25 years' experience working in the field, which helps us navigate this often complex and fast paced area of healthcare

The best thing about Rad Chat is that we work hard to bring our listeners, not only brilliant guests, but lots of different voices to share their experiences and expertise on this often complex and emotive topic

Finally, it’s important to me that we ensure Rad Chat is accessible and relevant to all our audience - which is why we love to hear feedback and questions from our listeners to make sure we always hit the spot.'' Jo McNamara