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Acute Oncology Passport- Level 1 online resource now available

We’re pleased to announce that the Level 1 Acute Oncology e-learning with competence passport is now live on the Macmillan learning hub. This online resource has been developed as part of the National AO Passport Project with UKONS & UKAOS: CASCADE (Co-design of Acute oncology Standardised Competence Assessment Documents and their Evaluation). To support learners at ‘Core’ level achieve AO competencies we have collaborated with Macmillan to combine the existing online education with the newly developed Level 1 Passport questions to promote the development of a knowledgeable, skilled, and competent workforce that treats and cares for people with an acute oncology indication.


The resource is currently being piloted and includes a short pre and post course learning survey. It’s fully mapped to the Level 1 framework within the UKONS Acute Oncology Knowledge and Skills Guidance and learners will receive a certificate on completion. Learners can create a free account for the Macmillan learning hub, after logging in the resource can be accessed at: https://macmillan.fuseuniversal.com/communities/5760/contents/358952 We’d be grateful if you could share this new resource with learners in your networks so we can capture their feedback within the pilot.


For more information on the Level 1 resource please contact NationalAOPilot@macmillan.org.uk and for information on the wider CASCADE project (or for Level 1 Passport flyers to download and share) please contact gina.madera@nhs.net or visit the page within the GM Cancer AO academy at: https://www.gmcanceracademy.org.uk/acute-oncology-academy/


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