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National Acute Oncology Competency Passports

National acute oncology education aligning to the UKONS AO Knowledge & Skills Guidance (2018) exists; however standardised competence assessment documents are yet to be created. Following successes of the UKONS SACT Passport (UKONS, 2017), this project will develop Acute Oncology Competence Assessment Passports with a similar structure and underlying methodology. There will be four versions corresponding to specific levels of practice; (Benner, 1984), which will be piloted across the four nations with a multidisciplinary scope.

Gina Madera, GMCA Acute Oncology Education Project Manager,Verna Lavender  Head of Guy’s Cancer Academy, UKONS past president Philippa Jones,  UK Acute Oncology Society, Suzanne Lilley, GMCA Workforce & Education Programme Director


UKONS 2022 20/11/2022

The CREDIT (Cancer Related Escalation Decisions for ITU) Study; Survival,functional status and return to anti-cancer therapy in advanced and metsatatic solid tumour patients after emergency admission to critical-care.

Early data from the CREDIT study indicates there is a population of UK advanced-cancer patients who survive CC with maintained ECO GPS enabling re-instigation of ACT. With more UK centres enrolled, CREDIT aims to identify common baseline physiological and biochemical predictive variables at the point of CC admission to better select this population.These data demonstrate the feasibly of CREDIT in describing CC survivorship of UK advanced cancer patients and show promise that further enrolment of other centers could identify key prognostic variables.

 (Marshall R, Maynard A, Tahir B, Boyce H, Harrold R, Johnson J, Meehan D, Eldridge M , Spiro R, Swan A, Ratcliffe A, Jennison H , Kingdon S , Cruikshanks A, Wilson C.)

1.Weston Park Cancer Centre, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2. Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom3. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Critical Care Department, Sheffield, United Kingdom 4.Unit of Chemical Pathology, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, United Kingdom.5.Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Western General Hospital Edinburgh, United Kingdom6. Critical Care Department, Derriford Hospital, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, Plymouth, United Kingdom. 

NCRI 2021 13/12/2021