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Please take a stroll through our virtual exhibition hall and take a look at posters and presentations that have been previously featured at various conferences and events.


If you would like to exhibit a previously presented poster or presentation, please contact us using the contact page and provide the detail below:

  1. Your full name and email address
  2. The title of the poster/presentation
  3. Details of the conference/meeting that the poster was presented at
  4. Name of the authors and permission for us to add the poster to the exhibition hall
  5. Add a PDF of the poster

Please note: we can not display posters that contain images downloaded from the internet as they are subject to copyright. If you wish to display your poster please ensure that any such images are removed or amended. Thank you.

We will send you an email notification with a link to your poster once added.

We value your feedback and suggestions for improvement: If you would like to suggest additional content or report any broken/ out of date  links please complete a contact form and we will get in touch.

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