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The Quality Metrics group will have oversight of both quantitate and qualitative data that aims to inform on AOS service activity and performance, including


• Development of national metrics including sentinel metrics and Quality surveillance

• Development and monitoring of national AO minimum data set

• AO Patient experience

• AO professional experience

The group will support AO metric development and evaluation across the 4 nations.

This recognises the long-term requirement to incorporate patient experience and new service measures into the development of future AO Services and the desire to ensure that service measures are developed with a 4-nation viewpoint.

You can review the group terms of reference at this link

This group is being led by:

Chair - Dr Ernie Marshall

Vice Chairs - Joanne Mekin and Catherine Donnelly

Please complete an enquiry form here if you wish to contact any of the group leads.

The group will meet 4 monthly via TEAMS

Membership is open to any health care professionals with an interest in developing Acute Oncology metrics and quality measures

If you would like to join the group, please complete an enquiry form on the UKAOS website, and we will respond

The Chair will issue a regular update on the UKAOS website and UKAOS Board.

Minutes of the DQMG can be found here


We would like to include/share Quality Improvement Intiatives and Acute Oncology Audit that are in progress or have been completed. Please contact us if you would be happy to share your information/outcomes.

Acute Oncology Service reviews are underway in the following areas:
  • Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance
  • Wales Cancer Network
  • Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Alliance

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