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This section contains information that may be helpful/useful in the management of acute oncology patients or the development of acute oncology services

The Ruth Strauss Foundation

Early 2018, Ruth Strauss, wife of Sir Andrew Strauss the former England cricket captain, was diagnosed with an incurable lung cancer that affects non-smokers.  Ruth died on December 29th 2018; she was 46 years old and mother to two children, then aged 10 and 13.

  • Provide emotional support for families to prepare for the death of a parent
  • Raise awareness of the need for more research & collaboration in the fight against non-smoking lung cancers.

We have been asked to share the links below  

  •  Supporting families facing the death of a parent from cancer (ruthstraussfoundation.com)  Ruth believed that all parents receiving a terminal diagnosis, should have access to support and guidance to prepare for the future. We hope that our Family Support Service and resources will help families prepare for grief, death & dying. We are here to support parents on how to start the difficult conversation with their children about their terminal diagnosis. By encouraging families to maintain an open and honest dialogue, children will be able to make the most of the time left with the dying parent, without internalising questions, worries or fears.
  • Little C Club Flash Cards - A set of flashcards designed to help parents have inclusive conversations with their children about a diagnosis, treatments, emotions and more. Created in collaboration with the Little C Club.


  • Covid     This page contains various relevant articles and links to national guidance for the clinical management of oncology patients                          

The new Steroid Emergency Card is designed to support early recognition and treatment of Adrenal Crisis in adults with Adrenal insufficiency (AI) this is detailed in the recent National Patient Safety Alert (NPSA) and Specialist Pharmacy Service Guidance.

Click here for NPSA Emergency Steroid Card Information.                 Click here for advice on issuing the card (updated 23/12/2020)

Patient information leaflet steroid sick day rules. Adrenal crisis | Society for Endocrinology  

The patients who must be given a Steroid Emergency card to carry with them at all times include:

  • patients who receive repeated courses of dexamethasone as an antiemetic in oncology regimens, and for 12 months after stopping (the Steroid Emergency Card should be given on first cycle of dexamethasone) when future cycles are anticipated.

Cancer Care Map   -  What is Cancer Care Map? is a simple, online resource that aims to help you find cancer support services in your local area wherever you are in the UK. You can either search for a service or browse the types of services available.


 Our Secondary Breast Cancer Nursing Toolkit includes up to date guidance, reports, tools and resources to help specialist nurses support this patient group in their day to day clinical practise. There is also a range of free supportive services and information that patients may find helpful including some specifically for those living with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer. 

Articles and papers


V. Navani  How has acute oncology improved care for patients?  2014 Jun; 21(3): 147–149. 

Abstract- A United Kingdom–wide appreciation of the systemic failings of emergency cancer care led to the creation of a new subspecialty, acute oncology. It was meant to bridge the gap between admitting teams, oncology, and palliative care, providing support to manage the symptoms of cancer, the side effects of cancer treatment, and people presenting with cancer of unknown primary origin. This article identifies the reasons for the creation of acute oncology and explores various models for this aspect of cancer care worldwide. With health care budgets static and demand increasing, the article also identifies ways in which acute oncology can contribute to an efficient and caring health system.


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