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National AO Competence Assessment Passport Project with UKONS and UKAOS

The first phase of the National AO Competence Assessment Passport Project with UKONS and UKAOS was recently completed. Progress to date has been collated into a report available to review here: National-AO-Competence-Assessment-Passports-Phase-1-Project-Updates-.pdf (gmcancer.org.uk)

A summary of the project was also submitted to the UKONS Conference in Belfast, November 2022, which can be viewed here: Research Posters :: UK Acute Oncology Society

The AO Competence Assessment Passports are based on the learning outcomes presented in the UKONS Acute Oncology Knowledge and Skills Guidance. The outcome of Phase 1 of the project is the creation of four passports for four levels of multidisciplinary practice, assessor guidance and a user guide.  

The primary aims of the project are to support the development of a knowledgeable, skilled and competent health care workforce to ensure safe and timely treatment and care for patients with an acute oncology indication and thus optimise outcomes for patients with cancer. Linking to the HEE ACCEND Capabilities Framework to provide transformational reform within the cancer workforce, the project aims to:

  • Standardise competence assessment across four levels of practice
  • Improve patient safety by raising awareness of cancer-related emergencies
  • Enhance communication and collaboration between health care teams to optimise outcomes for people with cancer.

We are pleased to announce that the project has received additional funding from HEE to pilot and evaluate the passports in practice at sites across the four nations, currently 15 potential pilot sites have been identified. We are also collaborating with Macmillan Cancer Support to pilot and digitalize the Level 1 Acute Oncology Competence Assessment Passport.

For more information on the project, volunteering for the pilot steering group or other aspects of the pilot, or to join the National AO Education working group please email gina.madera@nhs.net

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