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Intermediate level knowledge, skills and competency for registered healthcare professionals who provide cancer care as part of their usual roles, and may be involved in the care of any of the following patient groups:

  • Acutely unwell adult patients who present as an emergency and have a suspected new diagnosis of cancer

  • Acutely unwell adult patients who are currently receiving systemic anti-cancer treatment and/or radiotherapy

  • Acutely unwell adult patients who have a known cancer diagnosis and may be suffering from acute complications of cancer

We would recommend that the members of the multidisciplinary team below should develop skills at least equivelant to the  Level 2 ‒ Intermediate competency framework of the UKONS Acute Oncology Knowledge and Skills Guidance This guidance has been developed by a multidisciplinary group of clinical professionals. The guidance aims to support the delivery of appropriate education and training to address competency for people working in healthcare who may be involved with patients who present with acute oncology problems. The guidance is not discipline specific but has been developed to address the level of acute oncology skill and knowledge that is required for each worker to fulfil the requirements of their role in the acute oncology patient pathway.


Key Skills required at level 2 -Intermediate required.png


Guy’s Cancer Academy has published a new free online learning course for staff who care for people with cancer who are required to achieve the following Level 2 Acute Oncology Learning Outcomes:

•            Understand local Acute Oncology Services and how and when to contact these services

•            Recognise patients presenting with an acute oncology indication

•            Initiate the management of urgent / emergency treatment

•            Be able to refer patients to the local Acute Oncology Service appropriately

•            Ensure patients with an acute oncology indication have appropriate ongoing management.

The learning resource also includes an introductory section on cancer, it’s treatment and side effects, for staff who are not yet familiar with these topics. At the end of the course, learners are invited to complete an online evaluation form. They will then be able to download a certificate of completion. 

The course can be accessed by clicking on the link below. 



Many of you as members of the multidisciplinary team are more involved in the delivery of Acute Oncology Care, for example:

  • Physiotherapy colleagues who take a lead role in the delivery of MSCC care 

  • Acute Medical and Palliative Care Consultants who lead Acute Oncology Teams

  • Consultants in Ambulatory care who receive and manage acute oncology patients

  • Palliative Care and Haematology Specialist Nurses who support acute oncology patients

Level 3 - Advanced  or level 4 - Expert of the Knowledge and Skills Guidance may be more applicable to your role

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